System Overview

Horizon Security Systems offers a variety of Integrated Access Control Solutions tailor to your specific needs.  From Commercial applications to Commercial Buildings and Gated communities, Horizon has the solution you need.  Our Access Easy Controller system is an easy, proven way of controlling who has access to your property, and when.

Access Personal Edition Software with Modular Controller

The best way to safeguard your property, personnel equipment and records is to prevent unauthorized access.  Always know who’s accessing your facilities when and where with our Integrated Access Control solution.  Our systems like the  Access Personal Edition provides self-contained access control for small and medium-sized companies.  Its installation is extremely simple and fast.  There is no need to install and administer a database system.  The system is easy to use and enables a person with minimal training to create badges and administer access rights in a very short time.  Specific event logging and reporting allows you to trace the time and location of anyone on your company’s grounds.

Bosch System Integration

The B8512G and B9512G series of Access Control Systems is an integrated Security platform that provides a fully functional complete security solution. Both the alarm system and access control system remain fully functional when integrated. This integration capability allows the end-user to enter the building and automatically disarm their alarm system by simply presenting an electronic ID to a reader.  The G series can be configured to communicate with a central station’s D6600 receiver over a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) using UDP protocol.

System Administration is made easy with the RPS Lite Software which is a computer software-based control package used for administering, monitoring and controlling the G Series control panels.  Horizon Security offers Managed Access Control Services, for business that do not have an IT department or do not want to add the responsibility of data base and cards administration to their core business allowing them to concentrate on their business.

Access Easy Controller

Access Easy Controller (AEC) is the newest, most innovative web-based access control system from Bosch Security Systems.  It combines the power and flexibility of working on the Internet with complete access control into one exceptional system.  Designed for small to medium-sized businesses including corporate offices and retail chains.  AEC can be manage by using a standard Web browser from any computer to access, monitor, manage, and control the doors, access readers, alarms, and other devices connected to each AEC.

Built on the same technology platform of the Access Easy Controller (AEC), the ALLPLEX Access Easy Master Controller (ALLPLEX AEMC) offers a centralized access management for all the AECs in the network. With ALLPLEX AEMC, you can now expand your system from a basic 16-reader installation to a maximum of 320-reader installation. All basic application modules run on the ALLPLEX AEMC which behaves as a web server to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution. The integrated access control and alarm monitoring subsystems deliver maximum protection, simple operation and cost efficiency.

Start small, grow tomorrow

Start with a four or eight door system and then expand it easily to 16 doors or more.  The system is modular so you can add up to 320 doors, 640 inputs and 640 relay outputs.

The full line of Horizon Security access control equipment includes:

Door controllers, Access Control Readers, Request-to-exit sensors, Long-range, weather resistant, vandal resistant and slim line readers.  Also, printable electronic cards, printers, electronic key fobs and actuators.

Electronic ID Devices

The most convenient part of the Readykey and Easikey systems is the electronic ID device. Available either as an ID card or electronic key, the ID device is embedded with an encoded chip. When held within a few inches of the reader, the code is read. Both ID devices carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Gated Communities and Residential Homes

Our solutions for developments and residential gated communities vary from single door to multiple entrances.  You control who gets in and out.